2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept Review And Specs

Popularity of crossovers make them one of the fastest growing market segments so it is pretty strange that we do not see larger number of hybrids added. With introduction of the 2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept that is scheduled for Beijing Auto Show that starts in less than two weeks, we will be getting one quite serious model that could attract additional customers to the German luxury brand.

We know that the popularity of these models rises mainly because most of the vehicles in this category offers great amount of space in combination with decent fuel economy, performances and handling. You have slightly less room than a full size SUV’s but significantly better fuel economy and when you compare these with sedans you have more room but slightly lower fuel efficiency. Simple, it offers best of both worlds with only small disadvantages.

2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept Review

According to reports it seems that the vehicle that will be presented at Beijing will be only a concept but we do expect that it will be delivered in the next few years as a production ready model. Design language will represent the direction in which crossovers from this car maker will go in the future. Looking at the teaser images we can notice that there will be many similarities with the Audi TT that has been recently presented and launched to the market. Coupe inspired looks that will allow it to attract many more customers is expected again.

2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept

2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept

When it comes to size we expect the 2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept come with slightly larger but still similar dimensions like the Q3 model. If this happens than width could be about 6 foot while the length will be about 14.4 foot. Have in mind that Q3 crossover is not currently sold on U.S. market meaning that it will not be a competition to this new hybrid.

Not only that exterior will be similar with what we are getting from Audi TT, interior will also have some clear clues that it is inspired by sporty coupe. Everything is kept minimalist while the center console will be dominated with large and quite useful TFT touschscreen that will be used to control all most important in car systems. Simple and clean design while the used materials are of highest quality like we are used to get from this German car company.

Specs Of 2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept

Under the hood there will be the 2.0 liter inline four cylinder unit that is refined with turbocharger to deliver more power. When it is paired with high output electric motor we expect to see about 400 hp and 479 pounds-feet of torque. These information’s and details have not yet been confirmed but we do expect to see significant similarities with the Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept that was unveiled at Detroit Auto Show. In this case we will be also getting Lithium Ion battery pack of 8.8 kWh capacity that will be enough for about 31 miles of electric only drive range, that is about 50 km.

Four cylinder gasoline engine will deliver power to the front wheels while the electric motor will send power to the rear wheels making this model all-wheel drive model. Second electric motor will be integrated with the dual clutch transmission and gasoline engine. Since the electric range of slightly more than 30 miles is a great option it will be possible for many drivers to go for short runs using only electric power and not needing to spend a drop of gasoline.

2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept Interior

2015 Audi Q4 Hybrid Crossover Concept Interior

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