2015 BMW 535d xDrive Fuel Economy And Price

It is not that easy to find the right level of performances and fuel economy for a large and luxury sedan. One of the solutions are diesel cars and the 2015 BMW 535d xDrive is one of the best choices in this segment that will allow significantly improved fuel economy especially on the highway.

Under the hood we are getting 3.0 liter inline six cylinder twin turbocharged diesel unit that offer healthy 255 hp and impressive 433 lb-ft of torque. Power is transferred to all wheels through an eight speed automatic transmission. With added number of gears it will be possible to always keep this engine revving in its optimal rev range delivering impressive fuel economy followed with great performances.

Fuel Economy Of 2015 BMW 535d xDrive

According to EPA tests this vehicle will be able to return 37/26/30 mpg in city/highway/combined drive cycle. When testing this model we were able to notice that it really returns significantly better results. Test was consisted of about 285 miles of which about 66 percent were highway miles and rest was the start and stop drive in city. Even it was pretty cold we were able to achieve fantastic 35.6 miles per gallon which is significantly more than EPA rates. It is quite obvious that modern diesel units like this one are great for highway drive and that these still offer decent in city results.

Great amount of power and torque that is available from low revolutions gives us ability to easily keep up with traffic but also to make quick accelerations when there is a need for passing other vehicles. There are no power lags and you will feel a lot of torque and power in any drive mode and at any revs. It will pull smoothly delivering silky acceleration giving you a lot of confidence in the possibilities of this model.

2015 BMW 535d xDrive Back

2015 BMW 535d xDrive Back

One of the things that can significantly improve already great looks of the 2015 BMW 535d xDrive is the optional M Sport kit. With this we are getting sportier looks that also brings larger and different 19 inch alloy wheels and fancy sill plates. On the front the beveled nose improves looks of this vehicle increasing its refinement and elegance but also aggressive stance. There is no doubt that this vehicle will be immediately noticed on the road and similar.

BMW 535d xDrive Side

BMW 535d xDrive Side

We really liked the handling that we are getting with the 2015 BMW 535d xDrive. It has a precise steering wheel but have in mind that it does feel quite numb, this is something that most new vehicles deliver to the market, especially in this segment. When we add all wheel drive and traction control to the list of specs we are getting one quite capable vehicle that can take on almost any road no matter of conditions.

2015 BMW 535d xDrive

2015 BMW 535d xDrive

Interior is comfortable and equipped with all the latest technology while providing high quality materials, as a result we have one nice to be place. One of the things that most people will really appreciate is the multi contour seats but this option costs $1.300, for this amount of money every buyer will be getting among the best seats on the market.

2015 BMW 535d xDrive Price

Base price of the 2015 BMW 535d xDrive is set to $58,900 and on top of that you will need to add at least $925 for a mandatory destination charge. Depending on the level of equipment and additional features this model will be offered with significantly higher price. With few additions we will be looking at the price that is slightly lower than $70.000 which is quite high price. BMW gives 50.000 miles of scheduled maintenance for free but still it is a great and high price.

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