2015 Honda Accord PHEV Price And Specs

At this moment the 2015 Honda Accord PHEV is one of the most impressive hybrid sedans available on this market. It comes with really nice looks, decent level of craftsmanship and performances that will be good enough for most drivers. All this is packed in vehicle that offers great fuel economy.

Hybrid powertrain is consisted of 2.0 liter inline four cylinder gasoline engine that comes with i-VTEC technology and produces 137 hp. This is an engine from the new Earth DreamsTM lineup and is paired with powerful 124 kW electric motor. This amount of power from electric motor certainly enables this vehicle great performances even in EV only mode. Total power of this system is rated at 196 hp while the additional torque that is available from electric motor increases the drivability and usability of this powertrain.

Specs Of 2015 Honda Accord PHEV

Expectations were met and in electric drive mode this plug-in hybrid is capable of returning more than 100 MPGe. Changes and improvements that this hybrid system offers allow the switch between drive modes and power sources that are pretty much seamlessly done. It will be quite hard to notice if the car is running on electricity only, in standard hybrid mode or it uses direct Engine Drive. With Lithium Ion battery pack of about 6.7 kWh capacity it will be able to run for about 10 to 15 miles on electricity only. Most of the short runs to the store and similar can be done with only few miles of available range which means that you can do a lot with usage of electricity only.

2015 Honda Accord PHEV Interior

2015 Honda Accord PHEV Interior

Three drive modes are available and every driver can chose between electric mode, HV and HV charge mode. Electric mode will use only battery power and electric motor to run in the HV mode it will act as a standard hybrid keeping battery pack charge level at pretty high level. Third, HV charge mode offers possibility to run in hybrid mode but also to top up the battery pack while doing it. Depending which mode is chosen it will return different fuel economy but the expected level of fuel consumption is between 45 and 50 mpg in all drive conditions.

Honda Accord PHEV Back

Honda Accord PHEV Back

Both interior and exterior are quite similar on this model like on the standard versions. After the redesign we have received in 2013 we are getting models that are quite similar and there are only small changes for new versions. The 2015 Honda Accord PHEV offers decent quality of craftsmanship in combination with eco-friendly materials while it comes with brighter accents that are combined with three exterior colors and available gray interior.

2015 Honda Accord PHEV

2015 Honda Accord PHEV

On the outside we have modern and aggressive looks that still offers elegancy making it one of the best looking vehicles on the market. Even it comes with a pretty much conservative design just like many vehicles from Honda lineup this one is capable of attracting decent number of buyers. Further improvements are made to reduce aerodynamic resistance and improve efficiency. With weight reduction we are getting more nimble vehicle that offers better performances and improved fuel economy.

2015 Honda Accord PHEV Price

Since the 2015 Honda Accord PHEV is only a carryover of the 2014th model with slight changes that are mostly related to the features and standard equipment that is offered we expect to see only slight increase in the price. Price has not yet been announced officially but it would be great to see it again under $40.000 like it was the case with the previous year model that was priced at $39.780.

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