2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid Release Date And Review

The 2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid is a refreshed version of the Altima design that was introduced back in 2013. A bit of updates in styling can be expected, in-car connectivity will be expanded, and an electric/gas hybrid variant is being introduced. This midsize sedan is the best-selling vehicle of one of the leading Japanese automotive brand.

The appearance of the 2015 Altima Hybrid model will be nearly the same as that of the 2014 model. The Altima Hybrid models will have 2.5 liter 4-cylinder supercharged engine combined with a battery powered electric motor producing about 220 horsepower and about 220 lb-ft of torque. This setup will allow Altima to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds which is quite impressive result.

2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid Interior

2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid Interior

The Hybrid will come in trim levels of S, SV, and SL. These Hybrid models will be marketed towards retail customers, as well as commercial or rental fleets. Dual-zone automatic climate control, NissanConnect Apps that support hands-free text messaging, and remote engine start will be included in the 2015 Altima Hybrid.

Review Of 2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Although fuel economy of a car is affected by its exterior, it does not seem that the EPA estimates of the 2015 Altima Hybrid model will remain nearly the same as that of the 2014 model. For the 4-cylinder engine, those figures are 44 for city, 33 for highway, and 40 for combined. Numbers of the 2015 Altima Hybrid can be expected to be competitive with the electric and gas versions of the Accord, Camry, and Fusion.

Nissan Altima Hybrid Back

Nissan Altima Hybrid Back

Most of the retail customers are expected to buy the standard 4-cylinder 2.5 liter 182-horsepower engine models. The drivetrain of the 2015 Altima Hybrid should be quite interesting choice for those that are looking for ways to reduce fuel bill and CO2 emission.

The very basic price of this hybrid will start from about $27.000, which includes destination fee. For the higher trim levels you will need to pay more, depending on the features included in the offer this price will go even higher than $30.000.

2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Since the Altima had already been redesigned back in 2013, only subtle styling updates can be expected from the 2015 models. A facelift can be expected in terms of enhancements of in-car connectivity, while the audio and navigation control scheme will also be updated. Even with these small changes the interior will be more pleasant making trips more interesting.

2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid Release Date

If you are interested in buying the Altima, you should wait for 2015 because they will be able to decide whether revisions and updates made to the 2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid are more suitable for you taste. Moreover, the 2015 model is a hybrid, which is something you may have been looking forward to. Just like with many other vehicles that are only carryovers the 2015 Nissan Altima Hybrid will be officially announced before the fall of this year and will be available at dealerships shortly after that.

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