2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid Specs And Rumors

Latest reports from Australia suggest that the 2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid might be officially presented in the next few months, slightly before the end of this year. Reports are delivered from Subaru but have not been confirmed and the source wants to remain anonymous.

One of the few things that we are not sure about this model is the fact that there isn’t such a high level of demand when it comes to two door Subaru car. Other thing that could be a problem is the fact that last model of SVX had a pretty low sale results, far from a number which Subaru wanted to achieve with any of their cars. If this car maker wants to be successful with new version they will need to offer large number of changes and significant improvements.

2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid

2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid

At this point we still do not have official info but we could hear that the all-new 2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid could be based on the Viziv 2 Concept that was shown at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. We know that there will be many changes for a production ready model and among those are lower ride, even more aggressive design, higher road presence and that it will come as a wide shooting brake.

2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid Specs

Under the hood in the powertrain segment there might be the 3.3 liter six cylinder boxer unit that is paired with electric motor. Power figures are stated at about 375 hp which is quite fantastic for a model like this. Details about this powertrain are not offered so we do not know anything about electric motor power, battery pack capacity, EV mode range, performances and other important things. What we could hear is the fact that this model could use the same platform like next gen Tribeca which also allows hybrid powertrains, it is a Subaru Global Platform. Another option, but highly unlikely is the delivery of slightly different XV Crosstrek hybrid powertrain.

Subaru SVX Hybrid Side

Subaru SVX Hybrid Side

When we take a look at all information’s that are provided here we can agree that there are things with which we can agree but that there are also things that are not so assuring. For those that are thinking why would Subaru offer model like this to the market we have the answer, at least a rumored answer. Report suggest that the U.S. dealerships suggested that sporty, luxurious, performance oriented coupe would be appreciated and that there is a strong demand in this segment from Subaru.

Rumors About 2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid

If anything like the 2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid comes to the U.S. market it could be produced in the U.S. Subaru factory in Indiana. From Subaru representatives of North American operations and their spokesman Dominick Infante we have received comment: “No, we haven’t heard of anything like this”. To be honest this could still be a big secret but still there are few things in this report which are hard to believe for us.

2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid Back

2015 Subaru SVX Hybrid Back

There are many things that we still do not know about this and when we combine those details with few highly unlikely scenarios about the rumored model we can agree that this needs to be taken with huge reserve. In the next few months we do expect to receive more details about possibility that this model is delivered to the market. We certainly do hope to see something similar since it could be quite great addition to market.

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