2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Review And Price

As soon as the Tesla Model S was delivered to the market many asked about wagon but also about convertible version of this vehicle. At this point we are pretty sure that Tesla Motors is not planning to deliver convertible but according to reports another company has prepared conversion kit for this highly popular electric vehicle.

At the NCE or Newport Convertible Engineering we have people that are specialists in converting standard sedans and coupes into convertibles. They were responsible for many conversions and one of those was the Range Rover drop top, other models certainly had more interested and potential buyers. Similar will be with the Model S or which we do expect to see large number of interested buyers when the drop top version comes.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Review

For the 2015 Tesla Model S we will be getting both soft and hard top conversions. This could be something that would further improve the market position of this highly popular EV. According to reports we could hear it seems that an investor from China already placed an order for 100 of these conversion kits.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Front

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible Front

From the Al Zahed, CEO of the company we received announcement that for more than six months this company was working on delivery of these two versions. This amount of time was needed for successful conversion because it is not simple, it is not just roof cut off and that it needed reconstruction in some segments. These changes had to be delivered so that the vehicle would offer same structural integrity and that its chassis would offer same rigidity.

Price Of 2015 Tesla Model S Convertible

Prices are quite high. For a soft top conversion buyers will need to pay about $29,000 while the hard top conversion will cost about $49,000. On top of this every buyer will, off course, need to provide vehicle on which conversion will be done. First conversion kit will be offered from July and those will be available in Barcelona, California and Dubai.

Further we could hear that the Newport Convertible Engineering contacted Tesla Motors about the possibility to supply them with 5000 units of Model S vehicles for the conversion. This is the predicted demand but it will be interesting to see what will be the answer from Tesla Motors and if the demand of 5000 units will be at this level.

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible

2015 Tesla Model S Convertible

Price of the 2015 Tesla Model S is pretty high but when we see the features list, specs, performances, luxury and comfort it is quite obvious that the price is quite similar with premium and luxury sedans from other car makers. If Tesla Motors decides to deliver convertible we are pretty sure that the price would be significantly lower.

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