2015 Tesla Model X Price And Specs

2015 Tesla Model X

Tesla is a well-known company on the electric cars market. The company started with the Tesla Roadster, an electric vehicle that was basically a restyled Lotus Elise, with an electric motor and better aerodynamics. Currently production is based on only one vehicle, the 2015 Tesla Model S, but the larger model the 2015 Tesla Model X will be offered pretty soon. Both of these are fully electric vehicles and the Model X is the first SUV with electric propulsion from this car company.

The first production ready cars are planned to be available in the late 2014 while the sales should start in early to mid-2015. This means the car still has time to get more refined than it is. The drivetrain will be similar to the Model S with a major difference. The 2015 Tesla Model X will feature not one but two electric motors, one in the front part of the car and one at the back. This means this will be the first Tesla to feature four wheel drive. Previous speculations suggested that this car will most likely get a rear wheel drive version too but when it will be launched, the only option will be AWD.

2015 Tesla Model X Interior

2015 Tesla Model X Interior

The battery-pack is similar to the other Tesla model but considering it has two motors you would think the range is lower. This it’s not true, Tesla said, because these are electric motors and do not have any transmission linkage, like a drive shaft that will cause energy loss, the range won’t suffer a lot. You can choose between two battery packs, a 60 kWh or a 85 kWh, both of which will give you over 200 miles of range (the smaller pack will give you a reasonable 205 miles while the bigger capacity battery pack will give you up to 260 miles, more than enough for any journey!).

Specs Of 2015 Tesla Model X

The Model X will share some of its components with the Model S (around 60% of them) and the engines will be less powerful but their combined power it’s likely to be same or higher than that in the sedan version. Also, the car will come with an option to install two high performance motors instead of the normal ones. These motors are said to be at least 75% of the power of the most powerful engine in the Model S so the car will probably outrun its sibling. It will be able to hit 60 MPH in less than 4.5 seconds and the top speed it’s said to be around 130 miles per hour.

2015 Tesla Model X Back

2015 Tesla Model X Back

The greatest innovation found on the Tesla isn’t the electric drive train, or the great experience inside the car with the massive 17″ touch screen than controls all of the cars features. The greatest innovation is the rear doors. We all saw suicide doors on expensive cars, like the Phantom, but the Model X will feature something revolutionary. Falcon doors. These are similar to Gull-wing doors but have an additional hinge that lets them open in a tighter space. This gives the car the possibility to park in incredibly tight spaces and gives a much better access to the second and third row of seats.

2015 Tesla Model X Price

There are still no official information’s about the price of this vehicle but the expectations suggest that it will be slightly pricier than it is the case with the Model S. It is simply because Model X is larger and in a different market segment. With the Model S price starting at slightly lower than $ 70.000 and goes up to $ 100.000 for higher performance and trim levels so we do expect to see at least $ 5.000 to $10.000 higher price.

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