2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid Review And Release Date

Currently hybrid market is one of the most competitive segments and the 2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid that has been presented at the Beijing Motor Show is one of the vehicles that promise a lot. This model should allow Japanese car maker to return back into gasoline electric field more powerful than ever.

Expectations suggest that on this concept few future models will be based and that it will be a part of the entry level segment. At this year show in Beijing we did not receive any details about the powertrain and hybrid components that will be used here nor the info about what it will offer. Because of this we suspect that main goal of Honda was to lock our attention to the design and the looks regarding this concept. We can agree with company that we are getting one nice looking model but we are sure that the changes which will be offered with production ready model will further improve it.

2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid Review

Lower end representative in hybrid race for Honda is the Insight and new model that will be sourced from here could be one of the best successors and replacements that will offer a lot. With few changes that will tame the design, especially at the front end, it could be a great hit for Japanese auto maker. Slightly less glossy and glaring accents would be appreciated.

2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid

2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid

Delivery of new hybrid model in Honda lineup is great news and we certainly appreciate this but there are bad news regarding the 2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid and future models that will come from this concept. According to reports model that will derive from this one will be offered on the Chinese market only, at least at the beginning. Official release date has not been specified but we could hear that expectations suggest it will be offered during 2016th.

Release Date Of 2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid

From CEO of Honda, Takenobu Ito that was speaking at Beijing Auto Show we could hear that this company: “will strive to become number one in complying with Chinese CAFE regulations, which are the toughest in the world, and offer a new lifestyle for Chinese customers.” It is important for Honda to offer something better to Chinese market that has many problems with pollution, especially in larger cities like Beijing.

Honda Concept B Hybrid Back

Honda Concept B Hybrid Back

There are still no photos of the interior but we do expect that the 2016 Honda Concept B Hybrid will continue modern looks of the exterior in interior. Everything is packed in the five door hatchback and it is not a surprise why hatchback version has been chosen. According to reports and surveys of the Chinese market this is the most popular style for younger buyers.

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