2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Price And Review

The new 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is an attractive vehicle produced by the Lincoln that is under the Ford Motor Company, made with a very impressive bodyline and luxury fittings. The entire interior of the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is made of high-quality materials, and most surfaces are covered with leather. Active noise control makes it possible for quiet driving.

The Ford Motor Company will offer this new version like the previous model with the all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options (not all versions are available in all markets worldwide). As expected, there will be some changes and innovations that will be introduced for this new model, especially when it comes to powertrain. Under the hood, the 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will come with a turbocharged 2.3-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine (or a 3.7-litre V6 unit), which can generate up to 300 lb-ft of torque and 275 horsepower.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Interior

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Interior

Power is transferred through a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, but company representatives say that initially, just the V6 model will be available in the market. The powertrain differences in the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid add up to a shorter final-drive ratio. The vehicle also has a 1.4-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This car power split’ enables the gas and electric engines to function separately or together to maximize fuel efficiency.

Review Of 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Generally, the interior is made of more quality materials as well as the latest engineering compared to its predecessor. The new 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will be available with MyLincoln Touch and SYNC as standard, as well as an 8-inch center touchscreen and a huge 10.1-inch LCD instrument cluster. Concerning safety, there is a mono-vision camera incorporated into the rearview mirror to help the driver read lane marks on the road. Additionally, this vehicle features radar sensors, active Collision Warning with Brake Support, and adaptive cruise control. Also incorporated are wide-angle radar sensors to help the driver when backing up and parking. With this model we are getting eight airbags and inflatable second-row seatbelts to further improve safety in this vehicle.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The new 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid model has a panoramic roof making it quite elegant while at the front end we are getting grill in the form of spread wing, and LED light built-in the rear and front ends of the vehicle. The LED technology makes it possible to improve visibility on the road because the headlights turn as the steering wheel turns.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Back

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Back

From whatever side you take a look at this vehicle it will be easy to notice that it is one quite impressive model. With some impressive design features we are getting elegant but still aggressive car that will certainly be noticed on the street. On top of this we have great level of luxury inside delivering comfort and fatigue free ride.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Price

Ford Motor Company has not yet specified the release date and the price of the new 2015 MKZ Hybrid, but it is expected that this model will not cost much more compared to the previous 2014 model. Start price for the 2014 Lincoln MKZ price ranged from $36,200 to $38,080, therefore the price of the new model should range somewhere there. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is amongst the most fuel-efficient sedans in the U.S. market and so the new 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is expected to do well. Undoubtedly, this is a vehicle to look out for and we are pretty sure that it will have a decent amount of success.

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